My battles with stage 4 melanoma 

I was diagnosed at 27 years old with stage 3 melanoma after finding a small spot on my neck that resembled a pencil eraser. A degree in exercise physiology and working as a personal trainer, I was a bit shocked to be told I had cancer at such a young age.
I attended Hollings Cancer Center where I had a WLE (wide local excision) done on the primary place on my neck. Although  it wasn't pleasant, the docs felt confident they got all the lymph nodes and melanoma necessary.
Per their instructions, I came back 6 months later for my petscan and the news was horrifying to say the least. My melanoma had metastasized to my lungs and Hollings told me there was nothing more they could do.
I was lucky enough to get into NIH with the help of Hollings and enrolled in the adoptive til cell treatment. Although it hasn't been an easy journey, I type this NED (no evidence of disease) and have been for almost 3 years.
The battle with melanoma, especially stage 4, is one I'll never take lightly. I'm not naive to the fact that it could return at any time and I may not be so lucky with the next treatments. 
Music has been an amazing part of my journey through illness and recovery. I'm so grateful to be able to write and perform and try to share my story through my songs whenever possible. I appreciate you stopping by my site and hope you enjoy!
Yours in Health,
Nathan Calhoun

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